Razor Item Build – DotA Lightning Revenant Item Build Guide and Strategy. Razor The Lightning Revenent Strategy Guide. But your wait is over we are presenting you the latest guide of this hero. We can not say that this guide is 100% perfect because we will present you one more Razor Guide but after some time. But this guide is used as for the time being. Razor all abilities has been changed and those who use this hero as a farmer they have play sensible. So keep visiting dota2hero.com and get the latest Guides Of new heroes.

Plasma Field

Razor releases a wave energetic plasma which grows in power as it extends outwards. Deals damage to units both on expansion and on contraction. The further the plasma is from razor the more energy it has.

Static Link

Taps into the energy of a target hero, creating a charged link between Razor and his foe. As long as this link is maintained, Razor will continue to steal damage from the target and adds it to his own. Drains up to 10 seconds. Bonus lasts 13 seconds after that.

Unstable Current

Razor’s very body is a constantly shifting miasma of dark energy. This unnatural state allows him to move with supernatural speed, and any foe foolish enough to launch a direct magical assault against him will have their boldness rewarded with a shock of purging electricity.

Eye of the Storm

The Lightning Revenant calls upon a powerful storm of crackling energy, which strikes weakened enemies with deadly bolts of lightning. The storm is charged with Razor’s malevolent will, and will seek out only the most injured targets for its armor shattering blasts.

Advance Statictics:-

* Affiliation: Scourge
* Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.7
* Damage: 45 – 47
* Casting Animation: 0.5 / 0.125
* Armor: 2.1
* Base Attack Time: 1.7
* Movespeed: 295
* Missile Speed: 2000
* Attack Range: 475
* Sight Range: 1800 / 800

Item Build

2 Circlets + 1 Tango+ 2 Clarity Potions
Finish 2 Wraith Bands
Empty Bottle
Boots Of Speed
Point Booster
Eaglehorn(Complete Mjollnir)
Boots of Travel recipe
Complete Eye Of Skadi

Why This Build?
This first build is the build that was first introduced in the guide. It provides more damage, more survivability and more early game lane control. This build should usually be gotten if your team needs a late game dps hero more than a pusher.

Early Game Items


Wraiths Or Bracers?
Wraith bands are gotten early game as they are the basic items and provide necessary stats for razor. Bracers can be taken early game if they have nukers which are very troublesome and bracers will help you survive in your lane longer.

Want a drink?
Bottle is gotten for the staying in lane potential which can allow you to farm very well as well as harassing. And use your Plasma Field constantly.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that bottle can be sold. Essentially you are paying 600 for 405 hp and 210~(?) mana every fountain trip. If you put it together, and assuming you make a fountain trip once every, say, 6 minutes, and find 3 runes with bottle during the course of the game, you will more than cover the cost in tangos and clarities.

Also bottle as mentioned heals much quicker, is infinitely better in ganks and surprise heals. Then you can sell it later, something you cant do with other consumables, effectively making the cost 300 gold – definitely the best value I have ever seen.

Pretty much sums up what I wanted to say.
Bottle is much more cost efficient than tangos and Clarities because it effectively only costs 300 gold (after sold) and has infinite amount of regeneration and the healing time is also much faster compared to tangos/clarities.

Jogging; Running; Fleeing
Boots is pretty needed early for faster movespeed and chasing/fleeing.

Mid Game Items


A small boost won’t hurt!
Point Booster alone is gotten before mjollnir because it gives an increase of hp to survive better and mana to use CL more. It is also going to be completed later on.

Plasma Field Heaven!
Mjollnir is gotten for the constant chain lightnings, the attack speed and of course the damage. Why Mjollnir over radiance, you may ask. Well Mjollnir is generally much easier to build than Radiance. The damage it provides does from Plasma Field and mjollnir itself may not aid Razor as much in farming as radiance, but it definitely helps in dealing more damage. Last but not least, the active skill of Mjollnir, Plasma Field + Eye Of Storm can be placed on your tanking heroes for more damage output. It also provides higher DPS as shown by this calculation from ICallBotSolo:

Lvl25 Razor:
126 damage per attack
1.02 ias
40 magical dps

dps = (1+ias)/BAT*dmg
dps = (1+1.02)/1.7*126
dps = 149.7 dps reduced by armor, 40 dps reduced by spell resistance

With Radiance:
35 magical dps added
dps = (1+ias)/BAT*dmg
dps = (1+1.02)/1.7*(126+60)
221.0 dps reduced by armor, 75 dps reduced by spell resitance

With Mjollnir:
dps = (1+ias)/BAT*dmg
dps = (1+1.02+0.35)/1.7*(126+70)
dps = 273.2
magical dps = aura + (1+ias)/BAT*dmg_m
magical dps = 40 + (1+1.02+0.35)/1.7*40
magical dps = 95.8
273.2 dps reduced by armor, 95.8 dps reduced by spell resistance, as well as static charge (which is reduced by spell resistance).

Late Game Items


First is was Plasma Field + Eye Of Lightning, Now it is snow!
EoS is gotten mainly for its hp increase, some damage and the slow. With the slow it is very easy to chase down heroes and the hp can allow you to use frenzy more often.

I am BIG and STRONG!
BKB is gotten after that because you will be pretty dangerous with the high dps with mjollnir, People would choose to disable you first and with Avatar lasts 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds of ownage is more than enough. As quoted by banjkan3:

However, when you have Skadi + Mjollnir your dps is so high that you will be disabled/eulsed/hexed EVERY TIME. For this reason you MUST have a BKB. MUST, almost always a BKB will be 100% necessary and you must get it. After that build bfly or w/e. But bkb is so good. People in em games are like, OMFG NAIX SO IMBA. THey think it’s because of his Wounds, but it is in fact his avatar and Rage. I don’t know why people don’t get BKB all that much at all, but you should do. A bkbed razor is so horrible for the other team it’s beyond imagining.

Luxury Items

DAMN! Lightning, snow, Big and evasive?!
Butterfly can be gotten after BKB because of the increase in Dps and the evasion which allows you to effectively not take any spells/disable with BKB and physical damage from evasion 30%. This should be your main luxury item after the core build because the extra damage, attack speed and evasion makes you very potent. Combined magic immunity and evasion, it makes you very strong.

Buriza do Kyanon
Now what? Red Numbers?!
This can be gotten after the core build for the criticals. With your high attack speed and damage, there will be bound to have a lot of critical hits. If you are having no problem with survivability this should be the next item after butterfly to heavily increase your damage output.

Assault Cuirras
Cool Armour huh?
This is because AC helps a lot in pushing because it gives your creeps an advantage over the enemy creeps. Besides, your entire team can have an added advantage with IAS and increased armour.

Hearts of Tarrasque
The Revenant had his heart transplant.
HoT allows you survive better in team games and use frenzy more often. Without HoT it is quite riskly because with disables you can die easily with frenzy on, but with HoT which increases 900hp it is safer. This should be gotten after butterfly or buriza only if you are still having problems surviving in team battles.

Alternative Items

Let’s not waste orbs. shall we?
Desolator gives quite good damage and is cost efficient. If you really hate SnY that much you can consider getting desolator as an orb. On another note, if your team consists of many nukers so much that the enemy team mostly gets a HoD(hood of defiance) or BkB(Black king bar), Desolator can be a good choice because it amplifies physical damage so the “protection” they get from HoD or BKB is useless.

Lothar’s Edge
Grrr where he’d go?
With the recent buff in 6.50 for lothars, its cooldown is only 17 seconds and it allows razor to +42 damage. When lothar’s is activated it grants +20%movespeed and invisibility for 9 seconds. This makes you having almost movespeed equivalent to a haste rune everytime you activate it. Besides it acts as a good escape mechanism.

Rejected Items

Power Threads
This cheap sneakers is nowhere near our winged boots!
Power threads is not bad, but it does not give the teleporting skill which allows you to push and farm very well. Besides, since UF works on a percentage bonus, BoT gives more movespeed so the increase from UF will be more useful than Power threads.

General Gameplay Walkthrough

Early Game

First off you have to choose/random Razor of course. If you have randomed razor you can get a chicken for the team or else if you have chosen razor just get 2 circlets and a set of tangos. Lane choosing is explained in the general tips section. As usual, last hit and deny. You can use these few techniques:

Offensive Plasma Field Harassing- You can hit the enemy a few times and when he is turning to back off, use Plasm Field because it has 800 range, Also slows the enemy more than your attack range so in this way you can gain the longer range advantage.

Defensive Plasma Field- You may be dominated by the opponents so you have to be defensive. While your bunch of creeps are targeting one creep, you hit another one to make the other creep’s hp also less than your Plasma Field’s damage. .

Observer wards- In early game Plasma Field and bottle is how you gain your dominance basically. You can request your allies to buy observer wards and plant them or you can plant them yourself. Wards not only keep you safe from ganks, they also help you get a good look on when the runes respawn and you can go get them.

Ganks- However, in the case of a game(pub) when your allies refuse to cooperate or you just can’t get back to the fountain to buy wards, ganks may happen. When that happens you should play passive because you have no escape mechanism nor a skill to save your ally. If they are aiming your ally simply use a Plasma Field and back off. If they are aiming you try to run if possible. If not just use a Plasma Field and await your death. Thus calling missing and warding are important early game.

Mid Game

At this point of time you should have 2 wraiths boots and ingredients for maelstorm. You can start looking for alternative lanes to farm in. Help allies if they are having difficulties in the lane, after all dota is a team game! A good balance of neutral creeping and farming and ganking is needed because mid game the Plasma Field is at its best, while neutral creeping ensures you safety and farming in lane, of course to push and defend.

Team Battles- Although at this point of time you may have higher damage output, you are still fragile so you should not be too aggressive in team battles. Stand back and use Aoe Plasma Field and land a few hits, The Lightning Revenant calls upon a powerful storm of crackling energy, which strikes weakened enemies with deadly bolts of lightning. The storm is charged with Razor’s malevolent will, and will seek out only the most injured targets for its armor shattering blasts.. In this way you will not be focused too much.

Maelstorm Mechanics- At this point of time you should have maelstorm already. Here are the mechanics on how the lightning procs.

A hero needs an attack command for Maelstrom to proc. That can be one of 3 things:

1.) Press ‘A’, left-click on a specific enemy unit.
2.) Press ‘A’, left-click on the ground.
3.) Right-click on a specific enemy unit.

If your hero is in idle and an enemy walks into his acquisition range and your hero starts attacking, that’s an auto-acquired attack that will never trigger Maelstrom. Note that for scenatios 1 and 3, once that unit dies, your hero goes into idle again, so it’s best to quickly reissue another attack command (or shift-queue it).

Farming- Due to the recent change in getting BoT earlier, both builds can farm faster and easier. Simply look out for large enemy creeps and teleport to a safe allied creep there. It is advisable to use a Plasma Field on the creeps for faster farming. A bit of pushing then may be good. Do not push too deep in this point of time. So there you go, simply teleport around the map farming.

Late Game

Mjollnir is gotten and this point of time. With this farming for BoT is a breeze because of the constant Plasma Field, you will not even need to last hit. With mjollnir you also can start to participate more aggressively in team fights. Check out who is the hero the opponents are aiming and static charge him, while using active Plasma Field whenever you can and harassing with occasional Plasma Field too! You may net some lucky kills. After BoT is gotten you are expected to teleport around to defend and push. The real aggressiveness should be after when you got your EoS, providing higher hp, agi and slow. Have fun!

Mjollnir Farming- This technique should be used only when there are no nearby enemies and you are heading home after this defence. Use this when there are large numbers of enemy creeps. Use static charge on yourself and tank the creeps. Plasma Field and normal hit. With the constant static charge and your Plasma Field you should be able to take out the wave very quickly.

Pushing- Pushing should be very quick at this point. With mjollnir farming+ BoT you can push lane to lane in a very short time. Just be careful of ganks because though you may not be too fragile, you still do not have an escape mechanism if you are alone. Thus it would be also better to push with an ally or two.

Team Battles- At this point you should participate much more actively in team battles because of your much higher hp and damage. Place static charge on your tank and hit as much as possible. You can even tank a bit on yourself if you have confidence in beating the opponent. Remember, do not hesitate at this point already. If you are fighting 1v1 an opponent on par of you fight to the end, because you have the Plasma Field advantage. However if you really need to escape…

Escaping- BoT will help your escape at this point. If many enemies are charging at you and you are being completely surrounded, you can run into the trees and use BoT back to the fountain, hoping that by the time they manage to find you, you are already back safely. If not, you can use BKB for the magic immunity and teleport back to the fountain, which makes it safer.

General Tips

Plasma Field Usage
Plasma Lightning has a range of 600 so its pretty long. In this guide I teach you to make use of it early game, not for farming but harassing. PF should be used from Lvl3 onwards when you have lvl2 PF. It can be quite a pain to agility and intelligence heroes. Usually towards them where your attack range can reach him. Then hit him for a few times and his creeps will start hitting you for a bit. Then you should Plasma Field him and move back. Just be careful if the opponents have any stun and/or too annoying nukes.

Calling Missing
Because you are not going back to the fountain until after a long time, survivability will be important. You have to constantly remind your teammates to call missing because if you farm in your lane too much opponents will come and gank you (personal experience). Thus calling missing is very important.

Razor’s Attack Animation
Razor’s attack animation comes in 2 parts actually. There will be a small red ball at first followed by a red lightning. The red ball deals damage. The red lightning does not deal damage. After you get your maelstorm/mjollnir, you will find that for some of your attacks will have no red ball nor lightning. There would be a invisible line of lightning but a visible ball of lightning when mjonllir is activated. I am not too sure about the reason myself but I am quite sure that there is still damage dealt and you still can hear the attack animation.

Neutral Creeping
Razor can neutral creep pretty well with his 2 area of effect skills, PF and Eye Of Strom. When neutral creeping big numbers of neutral creeps pretty much just hit a few times on each and when all of their hp each are lower than 300 use PF to finish them off.

Dealing With Difficult Opponents
Sometimes we may lane with difficult opponents like tinker/zeus/lina. They spam a lot and make your life very miserable especially without a bottle. Besides, if you are soloing and lane with such a hero+ any other kind, there is almost no way for you to buy a bottle because of their pushing. In this way i recommend you ( actually not by me by banjkan3 too!) to do defensive CL last hits. Basically stay at the ranged creep(or further) and when a creep is ready to die with a cPlasma Field, Plasma Field a hero and it will to the creeps, ensuring at least 2 creeps killed. Otherwise just stay back and last hit as best as possible. Still impossible? Call for help!

Lane choosing
After many comments from the HGC judges saying that Razor should solo mid, I guess he should! XD Anyway he can solo a lane very well, because of his good range and harassing skills. If you are really unable to take middle, you can get back to the fountain in the fastest time(compared to the other 2 lanes) and get a bottle. Rune whoring is also made easy when in middle lane.

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