DotA Hero Allstars Rexxar The Beastmaster Item, Build, Guide and Strategy. Rexxar The Beastmaster is a very well-rounded fighter, with many tactical options available for all types of combat. Although his physical attacks are melee, he can throw his axes at long range to slice through enemies, dealing lethal damage. His Primal Roar can turn the most organized defense into chaos, allowing the Beastmaster and his allies to move in for the kill. His summoning skills serve as effective support for his blitz-style combat. Rexxar’s agile Hawk flies above the battlefield scouting for enemies, and the powerful slowing abilities of his Quillbeast’s spines give him time to finish off fleeing foes. A skilled Beastmaster is a deadly foe, capable of fighting any enemy on any terms and crushing them to a pulp.

Rexxar, The Beastmaster

* Affiliation:Sentinel
* Tavern: Strength
* Attack Animation:0.3 / 0.7
* Damage:56 – 60
* Casting Animation:0.5 / 0.5
* Armor:4.6
* Base Attack Time:1.7
* Movespeed:310
* Missile Speed:Instant
* Attack Range:100 (melee)
* Sight Range:1800 / 800

Background Story

A wandering vagrant of the Mok’nathal, the fabled half orc-half ogres of legend, Rexxar and his mighty blades have joined the cause of the Sentinel to better protect the natural world around him. A friend of beasts, Rexxar flails and tears at his enemies with unsettling savagery, even going as far as hurling his axes in the manner of boomerangs at his enemies to better his chances at victory. Truly a warrior of the living planet that thrives around him, the Beastmaster is an ally to be counted on when he is needed the most.

Early Game (Level 1-8)

Either you go to courier+bottle type or live with consumable items(depends on your playstyle, but I usually go for Bottle type) , don’t forget to take “Wild Axe” skill first. Now practice your Wild Axing skill, where you can harass your enemy while your farming gold on wave creeps, sounds simple but not that too easy to do. Max out your “Wild Axe” and either you go for “Stats or “Call of the Wild”, if your not that lazy go for “Call of the Wild” then scout your Hawk in the forest or in ganking areas; if your not a Bottle type, I go with “Stats”.

Mid Game (Level 9-15)

Focus on ganking your enemy heroes now, and take advantage of your Ultimate skill, the cooldown is not that long so don’t be shy to use it on a fleeing hero. And start putting your skill on Call of the wild(if you get stats first) remember always scout with your greater hawk, and take advantage of the invisible skill, “If you can control the map you can control the game”. Keep on ganking and less farming, Rexxar is not a good carry hero.

Late Game(Level 16++)

Late game. Is all about pushing and defending, Rexxar is a good defender and pusher with his “Wild Axe” skill and “Inner Beast”. Teamfights are very particular, this is where the late game is all about, use your ultimate wisely. Like casting it on an enemy disabler, making sure that disabler doesn’t have a chance to cast it’s skill. If you have Boots of Travel, start sneaking push or defending base, and roam for gank.

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