DotA Allstars Hero Tiny The Stone Giant Item Build GUide And Strategy. At first, he really is tiny but as he levels up, he grow in size with massive strength. So for dota beginners, do not be sad if you get this type of dota hero on random. Intelligence type heroes has no chance if they get on one on one battle with Tiny. One fragile hero must not stay close to Tiny or they’ll surely meet their end. Tiny the Stone Giant is a strength based melee dota hero.

1. Information

Range: 128
Move Speed: 285
Primary: STR
Str: 24 + 3 Agi: 9 + 0.9 Int: 14 + 1.6
Damage: 61 – 67
HP: 606
Mana: 182
HP Regen: 0.97
Mana Regen: 0.57
Attack Speed: 1.55 (+ 9% IAS)
Armor: 0.3

Very nice strength growth…horrible agility growth, but who cares…good intelligence growth for his spells.

2. Stuff not to do with him
1. Do not Toss your allies.
2. Do not Toss your allies if they have low health, unless they ask you themselves to kill them.
3. Don’t learn Growth unless you have a Hyperstone/Power Treads, if your gonna go standard Tiny.
4. Try to get last hits on towers with TOSS, not an ATTACK. Toss deals 150 damage to towers at level 4.
5. Don’t get Guinsoo’s with Tiny…
Small list of things to not do, but they are important to a good Tiny.

3. Skill Builds
Anti-melee Tiny
1. Craggy Exterior
2. Avalanche
3. Craggy Exterior
4. Avalanche
5. Craggy Exterior
6. Grow!
7. Craggy Exterior
8. Avalanche
9. Avalanche
10. Stats
11. Grow!
12-15. Stats
16. Grow!
17-20. Toss
21-25. Stats
This is anti-melee, because of the fact you have 24% chance to stun melee attackers right from the start. It also has Avalanche so you can basically own any idiot melee attacker trying to kill you. The stats are for more health, which means more endurance in fights with melee heroes. Toss is not needed here, well, because Toss does not help against melee attackers unless you wanna throw them back to their creeps…which a Tiny should not do.

Intelligence Destroying Tiny
1. Toss
2. Avalanche
3. Toss
4. Avalanche
5. Toss
6. Grow!
7. Toss
8. Avalanche
9. Avalanche
10. Craggy Exterior
11. Craggy Exterior
12. Craggy Exterior
13. Craggy Exterior
14. Stats
15. Stats
16. Grow!
17. Grow!
18-25. Stats
This Tiny build basically destroys Intelligence heroes. Since most Intelligence heroes have low health and low armor, they can easily fall to the Tiny Combo: Toss, Avalanche the area where they will fall, attack, attack, follow them without attacking, and finish with a well aimed Avalanche. Since most Intelligence heroes are ranged, Craggy Exterior is not leraned until later. Grow! past level 1 is not good for this build until you get your Hyperstones, hence why I didnt learn the next 2 levels of it till level 16.

4. Item Builds
These are the following item builds, coinciding with the 2 above skill builds. The numbers in the parentheses are the level where you should have the items listed. If you do not, your not last-hitting correctly…

Anti-melee Tiny
1. Start off with Boots. [Level 1]
2. When you go back to heal, you should be Level 11-12. Buy yourself an instant Blademail. [Level 11-12]
3. Farm WITH REGULAR ATTACKS, NOT SPELLS UNLESS YOUR USING THEM ON A HERO. Farm for a Vitality Booster. [Level 15-16]
4. Farm for a Hyperstone. [Level 18-19]
5. Farm for Reaver, you should have at least 1 hero kill by now. [Level 22-23]
6. Finish Heart of Tarrasque. [Level 24]
7. Farm for another Hyperstone. [Level 25]
8. Finish Boots of Travel. [Level 25]
9. Make another Heart, or a Satanic.
At this point, mass Hearts and Aegises. Once you don’t have enough inventory, sell the Blademail and replace it with a Heart.

Intelligence Destroying Tiny
1. Start off with Boots and a Clarity Potion. [Level 1]
2. Once you go back to heal, get 2 Null Talismans. [Level 8-10]
3. Farm for Power Treads. [Level 13-14]
4. Farm for Planewalker’s Cloak. [Level 14]
5. Farm for Platemail. [Level 16]
6. Farm for Reaver. [Level 19]
7. Farm for Vitality Booster. [Level 20]
8. Finish Heart of Tarrasque. [Level 21]
9. Finish Aegis. [Level 23]
10. Farm for Helm of the Dominator. [Level 25]
11. Finish Satanic. [Level 25]
At this point, don’t buy anything, and once your Aegis charges are down to 1, and you have enough money to instantly buy another Aegis, sell your old Aegis and purchase a new one.

In the 1st build, the Blademail helps you against melee attackers. Once you get your Hyperstones and health items, you can kill melee heroes with easy, due to the fact that you can deal 200-220 damage every attack, and since you have 2 Hyperstones…well…thats alot of damage…
In the 2nd build, the Null Talismans allow you to use your spells more when comboing the other hero. It also adds a small amount of health, small but still more health. The early Aegis makes Intelligence heroes do even less damage with their spells, and +10 armor helps when you are getting hit.

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