Anubarak Item Build – DotA Nerubian Assassin Item Build, Guide and Strategy. Anub’arak was once the greatest champion of the Nerubians, but fell in the Second War of the Spider. He was resurrected by the Lich King Ner’zhul, who promised him eternal undeath in exchange for his unswerving loyalty. His layers of spiked armor are nearly impregnable, causing severe damage to attackers. When threatened, he shoots these spikes through enemies maiming and disorienting them. He channels his dark powers into a bolt of disarming negative energy, and those who witness him blending into the shadows of the frozen tundra have never lived to tell the tale.

Anub`arak – The Nerubian Assassin
Range: 128 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: AGI
Str: 18 + 2 | Agi: 19 + 2.2 | Int: 18 + 2.1
Damage: 49 – 53 | HP: 492 | Mana: 234
HP Regen: 0.79 | Mana Regen: 0.73
Attack Speed: 0.70 | Armor: 4

Impale (E)
Slams the ground with massive claws, shooting spiked tendrils out in a straight line, dealing damage and hurling enemy ground units into the air in their wake.
Level 1 – 80 damage, .75 second stun.
Level 2 – 140 damage, 1.25 second stun.
Level 3 – 200 damage, 1.75 second stun.
Level 4 – 260 damage, 2.25 second stun.
• Damage type: magical
• The wave of tendrils moves at 1600 units per second.
• Hit units will fly for 0.52 seconds before the real stun is applied.
• Casting range: 500
• Area of Effect: 150
Mana Cost: 95/115/135/155
Cooldown: 11

Mana Burn (R)
Sends a bolt of negative energy that burns a target enemy unit’s mana based on its Intelligence. Burned mana combusts, dealing damage to the target equal to the amount of mana burned.
Level 1 – Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target’s Intelligence.
Level 2 – Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target’s Intelligence.
Level 3 – Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target’s Intelligence.
Level 4 – Burns Mana equal to 4 times the target’s Intelligence.
• Damage type: magical
• Damage dealt is proportional to mana lost
• Casting range: 600
Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150
Cooldown: 35/25/15/5

Urna Swarm (W)
Raises a Scarab from a corpse. The Scarab can burrow to hide itself, or use Infestation to silence and deal damage over time in an AoE.
Level 1 – Maximum of 2 Scarabs.
Level 2 – Maximum of 3 Scarabs.
Level 3 – Maximum of 4 Scarabs.
Level 4 – Maximum of 5 Scarabs.
• Scarabs have 450 movement speed, 200 HP, 6 armor, 1400/1400 normal vision, 400/400 burrowed vision, and 26-38 bounty.
• Scarabs are immune to magic.
• Infestation silences and deals 40 non-stacking damage per second in a 300 AoE for 3 seconds.
• Burrowed Scarabs are invisible and immobile.
• If you order infestation to be cast while having multiple Scarabs selected, only one will cast instead of all of them.
• Casting range: 900
Mana Cost: 40/30/20/10
Cooldown: 26/19/12/5 Seconds

Vendetta (V)
The Nerubian Assassin turns invisible for a short period of time, and can break his invisibility with an incredibly damaging attack.
Level 1 – Deals 225 backstab damage, 10% movement speed, lasts for 20 seconds.
Level 2 – Deals 375 backstab damage, 15% movement speed, lasts for 35 seconds.
Level 3 – Deals 525 backstab damage, 20% movement speed, lasts for 50 seconds.
Mana Cost: 160/210/260
Cooldown: 90/75/60
• Damage type: normal
• If Nerubian Assassin’s invisibility expires, the bonus damage will not be dealt to the next target.
• Nerubian Assasin is revealed when he damages the target, not at the beginning of his attack.

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