Alchemist Item Build – DotA Razzil Darkbrew Item Build, Guide and Strategy. Having enlisted under the ranks of the Sentinel for mere personal gain, the Alchemist’s quest for amassing wealth to fund his research is a tireless and relentless one. Both sadistic and cruel in his methods, this heartless Goblin cares not what means he must resort to for a sizable bounty. Whether he chooses to paralyze his foes with toxic concoctions or drench them in corrosive acids, Razzil Darkbrew remains steadfast in his calm, calculated approach, despite their constant wails of agony.

Razzil Darkbrew – The Alchemist
Range: 128 | | Move Speed: 300 | Primary: STR
Str: 26 + 2.7 | Agi: 17 + 1.5 | Int: 17 + 1.5
Damage: 54 – 63 | HP: 587 | Mana: 195
HP Regen: 1.03 | Mana Regen: 0.69
Attack Speed: 1.45 (+ 17% IAS) | Armor: 3.4

Alchemists’s Strengths:

1. Very high base damage
2. One of the best farmers in the game
3. Very high damage output

Alchemist’s Weaknesses:

1. Not that good at chasing
2. Unstable Concoction is not very useful
3. He can be defeated if you put a strong combo like Lich+Leo on his lane AND put wards everywhere in the forest…

Skill build

Acid Spray

Sprays high-pressure acid across a target area. Hostile units who step across the contaminated terrain take physical damage per second and have their armor reduced. Lasts 12 seconds.

Level 1 – 8 damage per second, reduces armor by 4.
Level 2 – 16 damage per second, reduces armor by 5.
Level 3 – 24 damage per second, reduces armor by 6.
Level 4 – 32 damage per second, reduces armor by 7.

Mana cost: 120 at all levels

Very high damage over time, very large area and a very high armour reduction.
Can you say “imba”?

Unstable Concoction

Taking a few moments to shake up some chemical vials, the Alchemist lobs one at the target, stunning it based on how long he shook it up.

Level 1 – Up to 2 seconds channel.
Level 2 – Up to 3 seconds channel.
Level 3 – Up to 4 seconds channel.
Level 4 – Up to 5 seconds channel.

Mana cost: 80/95/110/125

Not a very useful ability. Only useful when killing with an ally in early-game or for interrupting channelling-spells.

Goblin’s Greed

The Goblin converts the creep’s corpse into gold. You get more gold for every extra creep you killed in the last 20 seconds. Cap of 20 extra gold.

Level 1 – 2 bonus gold per enemy, 1 successive bonus gold.
Level 2 – 4 bonus gold per enemy, 2 successive bonus gold.
Level 3 – 6 bonus gold per enemy, 3 successive bonus gold.
Level 4 – 8 bonus gold per enemy, 4 successive bonus gold.

Enables him to farm better than other melee heroes in early-game and makes him a farming beast in mid- and late-game.

Chemical Rage

The Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage reducing base attack cooldown and increasing hitpoints and regeneration.
Lasts 20 seconds.

Level 1 – 1.4 Base Attack Rate and 200 Bonus HP and +9.75 HP/s Regeneration.
Level 2 – 1.3 Base Attack Rate and and 400 Bonus HP and +19.75 HP/s Regeneration.
Level 3 – 1.15 Base Attack Rate and 600 Bonus HP and +29.75 HP/s Regeneration.

The very essence of imbalance.
The BAT reduction means 21%/31%/48% increased damage which slightly better than Mortred’s Coup de Grâce while not limiting you in your choice of dps-items.
Bonus HP are always welcome for any hero, especially for a front liner like Alchemist. Due to this bonus hp you can do well without Bracers or Vanguard in early-game and go straight for your farming-items.
Extra regeneration, albeit not crucial, is also useful sometimes.

Skill Build:

1. Goblin’s Greed
2. Unstable Concoction
3-5. Acid Spray
6. Chemical Rage
7. Acid Spray
8-10. Goblin’s Greed
11. Chemical Rage
12-15. Attribute Bonus
16. Chemical Rage
17-22. Attribute Bonus
23-25. Unstable Concoction

Explanation of Skill Build

Acid Spray is a very useful ability for farming, but it is hardly effective before it is level 3, so you can start to learn it when you reach level 3 to be able to get the third level at level 5.

One level of Goblin’s Greed in early-game since there is nothing better to learn and one level of Unstable Concoction because it might aid your lane-ally in killing an opponent or save your ally from being killed. However if you are alone on your lane, it is useless in early-game, so just learn one level of Concoction at level 10.

Chemical Rage is worth learning at level 6 mainly for the regeneration (your base regeneration changes from 0.25hp/sec to 10 hp/sec, so it is pretty useful even just for the regeneration) and the small edge that 200 max-hp can give you in critical situations.

Item Build

Ring of Health
complete Perseverance
3*Circlet of Nobility (use an allies chicken if possibly, otherwise buy a chicken at your first fountain trip)
Boots of Speed
complete Battle Fury
Mask of Madness
Black King Bar(sell a Circlet)
Boots of Travel
Aegis of the Immortal (sell another Circlet)
Divine Rapier (sell the last Circlet)

Explanation of Item Build

Battle Fury is an excellent item for Razzil for the following reasons:

* Due to his enormous base damage, Alchemist is a good last hitter and denier, but he can be severely limited in doing this by harassment, so you need a lot of regeneration to counter this, so RoH is a good early-game item for him.
* As he wants to spam Acid Spray, he also needs mana regeneration. Because of his decent intelligence, Void Stone is an effective way of solving his mana issues.
* The damage that Battlefury provides is excellent for Alchemist since its effect is amplified by Acid Spray’s armour reduction and his low BAT with Chemical Rage.
* Due to Goblin’s Greed, Alchemist wants to kill a lot of creeps in a short amount of time to increase the extra bounty. Therefore he should not use common last hitting-techniques, but rather constantly attack creeps to kill as many as possible during 20 seconds. For such a way of farming, Battle Fury is an excellent item that significantly reduces the time you need for killing each wave of creeps or neutral camp.

* Mask of Madness is great for increasing Razzils dps since his IAS is rather low.
* Do not mix up his very good base attack time(BAT) with his pretty bad increased-attack-speed-value (IAS). The former simply evenly amplifies the effect of damage, attack-speed, critical strikes and armour reduction while the latter amplifies damage, critical strike and armour reduction.
* So even though Alchemist does attack quite fast due to his low BAT, he still needs more attack-speed.
* Frenzy is also a very good help for clearing creeps even faster, especially when combined with Battle Fury and Chemical Rage
* Due to being a melee-hero with very high LPS(loss of target’s hp per second), Life Steal is an excellent orb effect for Razzil.
* One of Razzil’s greatest weaknesses is being bad at chasing his prey, but Mask of Madness helps you in this aspect by giving you 15% increased movement-speed
* Razzil has a very high starting strength and relatively high strength-gain, so he should not have any problems to take 20% increased damage during Frenzy

With activated Frenzy and Chemical Rage you will deal so much damage that you will almost always be disabled in team-battles, so you need BKB to counter this. In case the opposing team has very few stuns at its command or consists of retards, you can skip BKB for now and buy it after you complete Rapier.

Due to being a high-hp hero with low armour, Aegis is an excellent way of increasing Razzil’s EHP (effective hit-points). Apart from that, Aegis is so overpowered that it must be purchased by next to every hero in late-game.

Since you now already have Aegis, Divine is of course the best choice for your last slot since its damage/cost ratio clearly outshines any other item.

Those final items have incredibly high synergy with each other, they are the dream of every damage-dealer. The only reason why not every damage-dealer goes for MoM, BKB, BoT, Aegis and Rapier is that this build is very expensive and most heroes are not able to complete it withing an average game.
However, due to how fast Alchemist farms, he would be able to finish this item-build within an hour in a normal game or even 50 minutes or less if he is owning.

Some examples for the synergy of those items:

* You can escape most ganks simply by activating avatar and teleporting away with BoT.
* In case you die, you will be revived by Aegis and be back at the scene of battle within a few seconds due to BoT.
* MoM gives you enough attack-speed to make good use of Divine Rapier’s damage
* BKB and Aegis protect you so that you can survive being focused after using Frenzy
* BoT gives you a high movement-speed which is then amplified by Frenzy
* Since you have Divine Rapier, your opponents will try to disable you, but Avatar protects you from most disables
* Due to your crazily high damage and attack-speed, you will leech a lot of life with Frenzy and Aegis makes every hit-point more effective, so you make better use of the life you steal than if you had went for HoT instead of Aegis.

Why certain Items are not recommended

There simply is no place for Midas since you need Battle Fury and Mask of Madness as soon as possible for farming. Getting a Hand of Midas in early-game would actually slow down your farming since Transmute only earns you about 1 gold per second while having your Battle Fury and Mask of Madness earlier would earn you much more gold.

There simply is no place for a Buriza since the final items already take six slots.
Throwing away BKB is not possible since you need to protect yourself from disables and throwing away MoM is not possible either as you need its attack- and movement-speed.

Battle Fury and MoM is already enough to get next to every creep, Radiance is not needed.
Replacing Battle Fury with Radiance is a bad idea since Immolation does not take advantage of the Alchemists crazily high dps whereas Cleaving Attack does.

Aegis is much more effective at increasing your EHP.

To prove this, let’s regard a level 20 Alchemist with BoT, Battle Fury, MoM and BKB and Chemical Rage activated. Razzil has 10.6 armour and 2707 HP in this situation. HoT would increase his EHP by 965/2707=35.6%.

(1+0.06*20.6)/(1+0.06*10.6)=1.367, so Aegis grants 36.7% more EHP against physical attacks and 1/(1-0.35)-1=53.8% more EHP against spells.

Yes, HoT does give you 35 damage, but three Reincarnation charges are five times more valuable.
The regeneration of HoT is useless for Alchemist since he has close to 40 HP/s with level 3 Chemical Rage and he also has 17% Life Steal.

Apart from that, Aegis is also significantly cheaper than HoT.

Why would you want to bash someone for ten seconds if you can as well kill him in three seconds?

Basher is good for owning heroes 1on1, but those random 1on1 encounters are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things. What really matters is how well you do in team battles, and smaller team skirmishes (e.g. 2on2/3on3), and in those your job is to deal damage, not to partly disable a single hero.

True, the slow effect is useful, but what about the rest?
Mana is completely insignficant in late-game. HP is useful, but as proven above in the comparision between Aegis and HoT, armour is a better way to increase your EHP. Agility is also useful, but for a non-agility hero it is cheaper to get your attack-speed and armour from seperate items.

Lastly, instead of getting Skadi, you could also have paid an extra 750 gold and bought a Divine Rapier which of course helps you a lot more.

And even the frost effect is not as great as it seems since Alchemist is a melee hero. Frost Attack only helps you while you are near your prey, but most heroes have some sort of disable which allows them to run out of your attack-range and once that happens, it is very hard to catch up to your target without Mask of Madness.

While Desolator works well with Alchemist, it does not allow you to buy Mask of Madness which is a better item for Razzil mainly because he needs the extra movement-speed and attack-speed of Frenzy.

To make up for the attack-speed, you could buy Treads and Hyperstone, but this would mean that you have no chance whatsoever to catch heroes that are running away.

Even if you chose BoT and Hyperstone, you will still not have enough movement-speed and you will also not have enough inventory space for BKB which is an absolutely crucial item for a melee damage-dealer.

How to use…

…Unstable Concoction?

* Use it if your lane-ally is in trouble to disable the most dangerous opponent
* Use it on the most fragile opponent if your lane-ally can execute a deadly combo

…Acid Spray?

* Use it on creep-waves and neutral creeps to farm whenever your have the mana
* Use it on enemies in open combat

…Chemical Rage?

* Use it for Farming and every direct combat
* Also useful for regeneneration

Team Battles
Wait for the tanks (e.g. Centaur Warchief) to engage the enemy, then use BKB, Frenzy and Chemical Rage and attack heroes in the following order of preference:

1. Heroes with strong channelling ultimates(e.g. Freezing Field) or crucial ultimates that can be cancelled by the casters death(e.g. Pulse Nova); if there are several, begin with the most fragile one.

2. Damage dealers with low ehp.

3. Everything that is left


Early Game

Chose any side lane, share it with an ranged ally.

Play defensively in early-game; as soon as you are able to farm neutral creeps, do so. Your aim is to farm a Perseverance and then a Battle Fury.

Mid Game:

Now you will become a beastly farmer, so don’t participate in ganks, just farm unless your presence is required in team-battles.

Farming should go extremely fast now, so you should have at least Aegis by the start of late-game.

Late Game

Now your objective is to farm for Divine Rapier and then own everything.

After you have your Divine you should immediately start to push together with your team to end the game before your opponents also farm Rapiers.


Abuse the imbalance as long as possible for he will sure get nerfed next version.

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